BSF Insect Feed








Our black soldier flies are high in nutrients and protein.

It is included in the diet of poultry, fish and other livestock.

It is very suitable for use in small amounts of less than 10% and has a very good nutritional profile.

More importantly, these sustainable insects

has a positive effect

We always exceed our customers' expectations.


(Sample recommendation) 

Dried BSF larvae

4,000 won

(Sample recommendation) 

BSF powder

8,500 won

(Sample recommendation) 

BSF skim powder

12,000 won

Recommended for poultry and fish farming.

BSF Bulk Purchase

Recommended mixed feed for poultry, fish, pig, poultry, abalone, shrimp, parrots, etc.

Flounder raised on insect feed...

“It’s gotten bigger and the meat quality has improved.”

When we powdered BSF larvae and added it to feed, it had a much greater effect than regular feed.The growth rate has improved by nearly 20% compared to regular feed, and the number of immunity-boosting ingredients has increased by a whopping 30 times.As it grew in size and became more resistant to diseases, its marketability naturally increased.

BSF skim powder

For mixing fish (fish) feed

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